Welcome to Palm Bay VintagE


A specially curated collection of funkadelic vintage wear inspired by the swinging 60's and shaggy 70's. The best eras in fashion in my opinion.

I'm Beth and i'm the founder of Palm Bay Vintage. By day i'm a photographer. I've photographed fine paintings for an art gallery on New Bond Street for 8 years. The most high fashion street in London but I've always had a passion for collecting vintage and secondhand clothing.

In a time when fast fashion is one of the greatest contributors to global warming, wearing and re-wearing a garment that was made so many years ago is a very ethical choice. And a well made one. 

I hand pick all items and look for what I would wear myself. I love femininity and anything that celebrates the female form. I look for pieces that would transform your mood as soon as you put them on and take you to another time.

Using my background in photography, I ensure that the garments are as colour accurate as possible so what you see is what you get.